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"We don't cut corners on quality and service" says Captain Steve's Family Seafood Restaurant owner Steve Mantekas. And that is exactly why Captain Steve's has become the Charlotte and surrounding areas favorite destination for the freshest seafood.

   Captain Steve's Family Seafood Restaurant opened back in 1996. Ever since then, we have strived to become the premier destination for fresh and delicious seafood in the Carolinas. We are proud to provide our customers with delicious food in a fun and welcoming environment. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we have made it our mission to treat all of our customers like family.

Gifting Fort Mill Food That Hits the Spot

    At the heart of Captain Steve’s Family Seafood Restaurant is the simple desire to share our love of southern cooking with the locals who grew up on it and the visitors who wish they had. We’ve spent hours going through our menu with a fine-tooth comb to bring the best selection possible to our customers. As a locally owned and operated restaurant, we’ve always been privy to serving the classics our customers grew up eating in Grandma’s kitchen. We believe our food speaks for itself, but it doesn’t hurt to have a comfortable space to serve it in.

   Captain Steve’s operates on the notion that fresh ingredients and good technique are at the foundation of any good southern dish. When it comes to restaurants in Fort Mill SC, ours is well-known for delicious yet affordable food, and a customer service style that makes patrons feel right at home. A good restaurant may have good food or good customer service, but an exceptional one like Captain Steve’s has both. We put just as much effort into ensuring you have a comfortable experience, as we do the food we serve. As a pillar in the community’s culinary scene, we are always happy to be developing relationships with our patrons and providing them with undeniably wonderful food.

A Little Something for Everyone

    Part of the challenge of creating a menu is trying to decide how much variety to include while simultaneously offering enough options to appeal to a wide variety of clientele. Thanks to our sizable variety of choices we’re the restaurant Fort Mill customers of all preferences can enjoy. Our menu is large enough to provide plenty of alternatives and yet small enough to easily be specialized and customized. While our specialty is fish, we wanted to create an environment where all of our patrons would be welcome and feel confident that there’s something on the menu they would like. 

   Today, we’ve taken our love of cooking and streamlined it directly into the food we offer. With a homemade style, we take extra care to source our food ethically and locally whenever possible. As a local business in Fort Mill, we’re always happy to collaborate and partner with vendors who help make our food even better. Every item that comes through our doors is double-checked for quality assurance. You won’t find many other Fort Mill restaurants that are as dedicated to serving top-quality ingredients. 

Driven by Passion but Sustained by You

   Ultimately, Captain Steve’s is a locally owned and operated business that has been able to thrive in Fort Mill, South Carolina thanks to the loyal patrons who continue to support us. Whether you’re a local who visits us regularly, or a visitor looking to experience the best of the East Coast, we’ve got you covered. We never forget who made us want to start serving the community and who keeps us in business today.

   We are fortunate to live in such a fantastic place, and each day we look forward to serving you our favorite dishes. There is nothing more valuable to us than hearing about how much our patrons enjoy our food. As a result, we are consistently in the practice of creating a better dining experience for you. Whether that comes from exploring new recipes and flavor profiles or hosting your next event, we’re a business comprised of people who love what they do and find a newfound passion for it every day. 

   We promise that when it comes to restaurants Fort Mill SC residents and visitors need look no further. Our affordable cuisine is a way for you to indulge each of your senses, leaving you happy and full every time. Stop by today and you’ll soon find out how we came to be one of the Charlotte area’s favorite local restaurants.